Income Protection:

  • At Premier we can not only look after the material things in life that matter, we can help protect your future and that of your family.

    Premier offer a range of personal Income Protection options which can suit your individual situation and premiums are usually tax deductible.

    When the unforeseen occurs due to illness or injury, income protection can provide cover up to 75% of your annual income. Costs can vary depending on waiting periods and benefit periods selected. Income Protection provides a cover 24/7 world wide.

    Income Protection helps you maintain your lifestyle and that of your family, it allows you to cover expenses like mortgage repayments.

    Protection – The importance of a regular income can not be underestimated, income protection gives you peace of mind.

    Insuring your car and home is something most people do, however many have not even considered protecting their most important asset, Income Protection and themselves.

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